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When people read and favourite my older work I always want to start shouting at them… Seriously, that stuff is bad, read my more recent work! The writing is more mature, the characterisation is better, don’t touch the stuff from three-four years ago that I haven’t gotten round to removing yet!

  • Australia: Crickey. You should see her now. The 'lil sheila has been growin' like you wouldn't believe. Hang on, mate. I think I got a picture here. Here she is in the bathtub. Little ankle-biter was just under a metre there. Had to move her to the pool last year now that she's almost four. Got a nasty bite if you piss her off, ate a few of my thongs ya know... but she'll be apples for the right fish.

  • America:

    So I pulled an all-nighter to get that prestige. Man, you should have seen me. POW POW POW! I was dropping newbz left and right. I got fucked, like, maybe five...six times max. Slow reload time, ya feel me? They even had the balls to kill steal. Anyway, I tea-bagged them so hard later to make up for it. I feel shit now. Totally worth it though.

  • Canada:

    Dinner was great. We went for a double-double afterwards. It was nice to have something other than Kraft and poutine. There was a problem with this tool in the queue. Pissed beyond all recognition. A little early to be hitting the 2-4's, eh. Kept yarning about the NHL. Stupid hoser. As if he knows anything. Criss! I ended up getting some Timbits as a treat for not busting his face.

  • ......

  • England:


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